Thursday, December 10, 2009

Why Me?

Friday ( December 4, 2009 )

I've so much work to do on that day. It's around 6 o'clock when I want to come back home. I was really scared at that time....because.. I was all alone at the office and they've locked all the doors and I can't go out. I've no keys. Oh God !

Then, I went to the factory at the back. And guess what? The door was locked also. I'm feel like crying you know. Fortunately Mr. Panjang was there. He opened the back door for me to go out. I thanked him and I don't know why..the door wasn't fully opened, I bow to go out.

When I take my first step out..Suddenly.. I fell !! Right..In front of Mr. Panjang. Adoiyai, I'm so ashamed. He asked me either I'm Ok or not. I said I was OK and I quickly get up and running without a turn to Mr. Panjang.

I was lucky because I've one week Induction Course.. because I don't know how to react when encounters with him. Maluuuuu !!

~ Tomorrow is the last day of Induction Course. Alhamdulillah ! hehe..


  1. nak jatuh nak wat camne...rasanya dia tak gelak kot. insyaAllah.

    dia hensem tak?


  2. haha... harap2 la die x gelak n x cite kat orang lain.

    not bad lah nak kate hensem x hensem..nak kate x hensem boleh la..haha


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