Friday, May 25, 2012

Dah 4 hari ~

Hiiiiii... (^_^)

Dah 4 hari rupanya aku tak update blog. Rindu tak? Rindu tak? ekekeke.  Hari ni mood baik walaupun pada waktu paginya mengalami sakit belakang yang sakit betul.  (ayat tunggang terbalik dik noi..!) 

(abaikan je kak Jah oiii.. hehe).

Bulan ni dapat tunggakan gaji.  Best tak best!  hehe.  Akhirnya dapat juga aku memanjakan Ranformers aku kat pusat servis kereta.  Yeah yeah! Happy for Ranformers. Yippie yippie!  Duit kereta dah selamat bayar, tinggal bayar bil-bil je.  

Tadi nak bayar bil kat CIMB Clicks...tapi hampes.. aku lupa segala dari No. ID ke password.  Hareeemmmm tak hingat.. (T_T)  Maknenya aku kena guna teknik lama yang berkesan iaitu pergi bayar kat pos opis.  Malas betul nak menunggunye la hadoi...

Oh oh.. kalau ikut perancangannya time tengah berduit ni macam nak pi makan ala ala korea kat Seoul Garden..  nak la jugak kennn rasa-rasa tempiasnye bahang-bahang korea sekarang ni.  hik hik hik.. tapi masalahnye geng non hado.. tsk.  Ada volunteer?  *wink*

Oh tetiba pulak tertonton trailer movie AKU ADA KAU ADA?? lakonan Saheizy Sam ngan Liyana kat TV (tak sure ah nama diorg).. macam best je kan kalau sekali sekala layan jiwang kat wayang.. erk!!! *cough* *cough* tocokik den.  Ape kejadahnye yang dingarutkan tadi tu? 

Jiwang kat wayang?? Adehh, kalau ada abang sayang boleh la layan jiwang kat wayang.. silap-silap abang sayang pun tak sanggup nak nonton..hahaha.  Abaikan.  Abaikan.  Bukan nak pegi tengok pun kan. =)

Ok da.. sampai sini dulu.. semoga ketemu kembali di sini.. InsyaAllah. Aaminn.



Monday, May 21, 2012


It looks like I used the word 'well' too much in the previous post, isn't it? Well... this. Well..that.  Well..what!?  haha.. I don't even remember the basic rules to write in English.  I can't say I didn't know the rules, right? Because somewhat I believe that my teacher used to teach me that kind of stuff.  =P

Well.. (what?? some more? T_T tsk..tsk.) haha.  'Well' is the word that I love to say maybe.  I can't just go on with another sentences without well.  Well..well..well... oh! oh!  (what? what? idea? idea?)

Let's make a sentence that shows how the word 'well' can be used.  Sounds fun, right? Is it FUN! Trust me! (where are the confident comes from? kekeke)  Let's go!

1.   All is well !

2.   Oh no! He fell in the well! Somebody helps him!

3.   Honey, you're not feeling well?
4.  Our plan goes well, just as we planned!
5.   I know it well before my husband know.

6.   I'm well aware of their plan to bring my unwell brother out of town.  We have to cut it down!

7.   Well..well..well.. What are you doing here, Snow white?

8.   Well done! Good job! Congratulation.
Ok.  I can't seems to think about the other meaning besides these.  You know what? I took a long time to finish this entry.  Whooaa... seems like still I have a long way to go before I can master English Language. (T__T.)

That's all.  Thank you.


Running Man

Warning ! 
I'm in a fan girl's mood.  This entry might be cheesy for some people.  Don't read if you don't want to feel annoyed.  I'm warning you ! ekekeke.

Hi !

I'm sure that if I say Running Man, you'll all know about the show, right?  Well, I'm addicted to it... seriously.  I have my favourite member from the Running Man which is Yoo Jae Suk, Kim Jong Kook & Ha Ha.  They are so funny.. ekekeke.  Just thinking about them makes me feel happy ! (^_^)

Well, the other member too, happening!.  Well, Gwang Soo ranked 4th for my favourite member in Running Man.  Well, I don't why when I accidently saw him in a drama I feel so excited !  I'm currently watching Bachelor's Vegetable Store and Gwang Soo is one of the main actor.  ekekeke... so excited!  

Lee Kwang Soo

I haven't finished watching this drama because of subtitle's problem. T_T

Back to running man.  My most favourite member of course lah, Commander Jong Kook !  Obviously, I like a cute, serious and funny man... and Kim Jong Kook, has it all plus he has a nice body and a nice smile.  ekekeke.

Do you agree... don't you? =)
This entry shouldn't be too long.  Otherwise, it will turn out that everybody will start to have a nausea.. I bet. hehe

So... daaa for now ! Running Man jjang!! (^_^)


Friday, May 11, 2012

Today is Friday !

Hello ! Morning. Or should I say midnight? hehe.

I saw this on 9gag.  

Can I used this phrase? LOL.

Thursday, May 10, 2012

My Granny Missed My Mom

Hi everyone !  Haven't write for quite sometimes.  Well, there are much going on these day.  But, there are nothing that I can tell about.  I'm always blank whenever I open the new post section. 

It's just that today, I feel so sad.  My back was hurt but to tell you, massage is even worse.  I'm actually sweating, crawling around and even crying for some help while getting the massage.  LOL.  I bet I'll get bruised on my back tomorrow.  Fuhhh... it's so unbearable.  My granny said, tomorrow night you'll have to get a massage again to cure your pain.  And I was like 'what!!'  *fainted*

Oh ya! About the subject above.  My granny suddenly asked me either I still have my mom picture on her last birthday.  It was the day when my granny make a pulut kuning to celebrate my mom's birthday.  We (my granny and I) even decorated the pulut kuning to make it look even more delicious.  That was her last birthday.  Only if I knew.  I would do something to make her more happier.  *cry*

Well then, I showed some pictures that we took on that day.  I've posted a picture before. *Click here* My granny is actually look sad eventhough she didn't say it.  The face tell us all. When I wrote this, I really missed my mom.  Well, it was a good day to remember.  Al-Fatihah for my mom.

Lastly, I hope my granny, my father and family will live healthy and blessed by Allah. 

Thanks for reading my blog.
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