Wednesday, December 23, 2009

It's Hard !

I just want to expresse my anger, my sadness n much more feeling in here…
I think that I haven’t wrote much about my work… my colleagues..right?
But this time…I’m so pissed off !

As you guys know…
Last 2 weeks, I went for an orientation and induction courses.
But what am I gonna tell you guys is before and after the courses.

Before I went for the courses… faculty did have a meeting about the project application..
Then, those who sent their application form should take it back to do the correction.. and sent it back to me so that I can forward their form to CRIM..

And then…. I went for the courses..

When I’m back… I realized that only half of them that have sent their project application form to me.. a few of them haven’t..
Thanks to my colleagues… she already separate all the forms..the original n the latest (that have been corrected)..

After a few days of waiting… my boss asked me to send all the project application form because it was date lined.
But ! there is someone haven’t sent his form..the RUDE lecturer..
He was my problem !

My boss asked me to call him to sent his application form…
( why do I called him “the RUDE lecturer”? Because he was so annoying… bad mouth! )

I called him..but he didn’t answer..
Then I’ve to forward all the 24 project application form and I’ve to photocopy all those things..
And it makes me very busy.
Then, I accidently forget to called him again ! but..the things is..he also didn’t call me back !

After I’ve sent the latest forms… I put the original form to the other side…
and I’m really forget about him..

Then my boss went for an outstation to Japan..for this whole week..

Last Monday, the RUDE lecturer called me.. and he scolded me like I’m the one who guilty. It’s like I’m the one who responsible for not sending his project application form. The things is..i don’t know what was happened..and he scolded me terribly.. I’m so pissed off..

I don’t care if he is a lecturer or what ! ..he should have some respect to all staff I supposed.

I said to him that he didn’t sent his form to me..and I’ve called him but he didn’t answer.
Then he said that..he did took his application form after the meeting to do the correction. But, when he check his form.. there is no correction that supposed to be correct.

Then about 6 o’clock in the evening .. he put his form back on my table..but he doesn’t know which one is the original and which one is the latest form.
This happened when I’m still in the induction courses.

The problem is..he didn’t wrote a note..even a simple note to tell me or my colleagues (who replaced me for a week) that this is the form that has been corrected. He didn’t even called my colleagues to tell her that he already passed up the project form.

But..if I double check the original form… I wouldn’t know that..that’s the form that he send back to me.. it is because.. There were much more mistake that he didn’t corrected.

The obvious errors were a lecturer can’t apply two projects and the project budget can’t be more than RM 100k. But his project application are beyond the limit..
That’s why I thought that his form was the original form..the form that hasn’t be corrected..

He scolded me and he said that he struggle to do the project application form..and I didn’t sent it to CRIM..
Now, I want to ask you guys… who’s right and who’s wrong??

And you know what… he ORDER me to write a letter to CRIM and tell CRIM that his form was accidently dropped out.. and asked me to do two copy of the forms to send it to VC and DVC…

Then, I wrote the letter and asked Dr. Z’s signature.. my Dean was in Japan with my bosses..

I told Dr. Z everything.. from the beginning until what happened now..
And he said that I don’t have to cc to VC or DVC… I’ve just to forward his form to CRIM..
He told me to just ignore the RUDE lecturer.. ‘buat pekak’ je..

Well, in this situation.. I really hope that my boss was here.. huhu..

p/s : I’m sorry because this entry was too long to read..


  1. hmmm...working line mmg mcm tu... kite dh buat keje abis baik but bcoz of certain people yg over pandai mmg mcm tu le jd nye...menyosahkan hidup org lain jek....

  2. betul la kak lina..
    tension betul ngan die hari tu...
    memang menyusahkan hidup aboi je..huhu

  3. kuang ajor ek lecturer tu...
    pekerjaan profesional, tp dia tu langsung xde ciri2 profesional.. mnyusahkan org....
    ish..kalu aku, ari2 dia kena mkn sumpah aku...(tp sumpah dia dlm ati je la..hehehe)
    sabor ea dayah..
    org mcm tu kalu dilayan xguna jgk...sbb dia mmg jenis KUANG AJOR.. wat xtau sudah... dia marah2 ko, pas dia blah, ko gelakkan dia blik...xde la ati tu sakit...
    (gelak jaoh2...t org ckp, sah gilo bdk ni...hehehe)

  4. itulah..
    lecturer yang ganti dean aku tu pun suh aku buat pekak je..

    diorg sume dah maklum yang RUDE lecturer tu memang annoying cket..

    nasib la x de pape..x sabarnye nak tgu bos balik..huhu


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