Tuesday, December 8, 2009

The Result !

I'm so dissapointed !

*update : 09.12.2009 / 7:58 pm

I've called Puan Nurashikin from PPL UPM this afternoon to ask her why is my application been rejected.
And she said that I've been rejected because of I don't have enough 'number of credits hour' for the application.
My 'number of credits hour' for my diploma does not reach UPM's minimum 'number of credits hour' which is 80 credits hour.

I'm feel so down right now !


  1. usaha lagi aboi....smoga dipermudahkan allah next time permohonan

  2. laaaaa...
    nape gagal...huhuhu....
    sdih nye....
    sabor ea dayah..
    lom ada rezeki kot...
    nnt2 mintak lg k...

  3. kesiannye...sabar yeee...

    adoii...nervous utk diri sendiri pulak!:(

  4. kak mia, thanx.

    lily, iyelah..aku cube lagi..

    kak sha, akak apply juga ke?


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