Tuesday, December 29, 2009

My Spy...

Synopsis :

"Wildman AJ (AC Mizal) is colour blind. Salleh (Harun Salim Bachik) is a retired cop who tries to sell his invention to the police. The two hate each other but these two private detectives must join forces to solve their biggest cases, involving a corrupt man (Datuk 'O' Osman), a sexy secretary (Hannah Tan) and an art collection theft syndicate."

This movie was JUST ok...
Not suitable for kids I think..
Eventhough they use chinese women to wear a sexy clothes..
But it's still..not proper to be shown in the MALAY movie..

I don't like the 'gay thinking' in this movie..huh!
Well, I just don't like it.. sorry to say..


  1. ala...xbest ke cter ni..
    baru nk tgok....huhuhu...

  2. ko nak tgk..tengoklah..
    support malaysia beb..haha

    aku dah tgk..dan aku agak menyesal sb aku rase rm10 tu rugi macam tu aje..

    ko g la tengok...mana tau ko suke..

  3. wahai...kapten kelas paling best...rindu kat ko...ni yang aku tensen ni...malam tadi nak midnight ngan tunang aku tapi keliru ngan due citer ni la...last2 aku majok n tak jadi tengok ape2 pon.......cedih kan...

  4. eh....seha......
    ada blog jgk....
    aku xtau pon...

  5. haha...die baru lagi rasenyer..
    sebulan dua..


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