Tuesday, December 8, 2009

I'm Back !

Short entry...

I just got back from Kem Lambaian Danau, Kampung Chinchin, Jasin, Melaka.
Very tired. Don't have enough sleep. I've got body aches.

I steal the lunch time to update my blogging. Is it right to use the word 'steal'? Oh ! I don't really care right now if my grammar are 'tunggang terbalik'.

I just wanna let my blog's readers know that I'm back. So that, you won't miss me so much. hehe.

Overall.. my Orientation Course on 5-7 December 2009 are the best courses I've ever been to.
Their camp is OK ! Their Fasilitator also GREAT ! Their activities is da BOMB !

Got to go guys. See ya next time !


  1. welkam back!

    nanti sila cerita pasal orientation ye:)

    boleh share:)

  2. I'll update pasal orientation when i get all the pic..ok? hehe.

  3. wa...dh blk..ok i'm waiting 4 ur entry yek..babai...

  4. thanx noradzlina..
    I'm appreciated..


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