Thursday, February 28, 2013

It's time to play ♥

Hello my fellow readers...
This time around we should.. no, I mean YOU should.. just relax & stop doing things you're doing right now.
It's time to play man.. ;-)

Last night I was hyped up but I don't want to do anything..
I just want to play something.  Something that wont make me sweat or think hard.. I am a lazy girl you know. Eh? Masih girls ke? Hahaha. Whatever..

So, I thought about doing pattern creation... but.. this pattern creation have been overlaid by the books and I decided not to do that. So, another options is to play PLAYDOH...

I love the kids game... I wonder why kids these days don't like this kind of game. They prefer PS3, PSP, online games and all kind of modern games.  Pity them.. old games is still the best.. ♥

Lets see what I've been doing last night..

p/s : Entri ni adalah entri semalam punya semalam... =)


Thursday, February 21, 2013

1st post by handphone ♥

Hello guys.. Assalamualaikum.
How are you feeling today? Good? Not good?
Chill lah.. langit tak selalu cerah.. sekali sekala pasti akan datangnya hujan..well everything happens for a reason kan...
I hope you guys are having fun and being bless by Allah every single time of your life.

The thing that I wanna share is... tadaaaa!
I've finally updating my blog by phone..
Amazing isn't it? I just feel so excited... hehe

After all not-so-struggle trying to sign in to my account..
I've finally be able to update this blog..
For my first time, I think it's quite nice..but might be because of my phone that are not big enough.. I just feel suffocated inside..
It's just too small that I've a hard time to read my whole post.

Well, this phone is good enough though for me to type for my belove blog.  Kena bersyukur dengan apa yang ada la kan... dah dapat update da cukup baik. Ye dak? Hehe.

Ok lah. See you next time.. daaa... Assalamualaikum...

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