Thursday, November 26, 2009

Can't Thinking Right Now !

Recently, I wasn’t in the mood of working.
I’m too lazy to do any kind of work. I thought maybe I’m too stressed out.
Right now, my body is at the office.. but my mind going nowhere.. i don’t know what am I thinking right now..blur !

Just now, I’ve visited one of my colleagues at the hospital.
She’s still in the ICU because of she’s bleeding too much.
I couldn’t get to see her because she was of for the checkup or some kind of hospital procedure…I don’t know..

To all blogger who read this post. Do pray for her also.
I hope she’ll get through all the assumptions and I’ll always pray the best for her.
Hope she’ll getting well soon.

By the way,
I wanna wish all of you ‘Selamat Hari Raya AidilAdha’
Do enjoy yourself during raya.
For those who wants to ‘balik kampung’… please drive safely.I’ll update my blog on Tuesday. See ya !

~ Al-Fatihah for my colleagues's daughter....*the baby dah meninggal

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Mr. Kerepek

My Officemates have joined the Ping Pong Competition held at Port Dickson Polytechnic last Sunday. They won bronze for their team – 3 single and 2 double
Congratulations for them.

As I talked about Ping Pong n Port Dickson Polytechnic…
Suddenly I remembered about someone I’ve admired.
He always played Ping Pong with his teammate every Wednesday’s evening.

How do I know?
Well, I’m always went to ‘Pasar Malam’ every Wednesday.

For your information,
I’m the ex-student of PPD..just like him
I did notice him when I was in my first sem. For me he is a handsome boy. Or I should say..a handsome guy.

But, when I was in sem 2 n 3.. I’m no longer seeing him at PPD and I’m almost forgets about him.Well, in my last sem.. I saw him again

He is also in the last sem.
And that’s when I started being a stalker. Haha
I’m always stalking him if I’m encounters him on the road or in his class..

Even my roommate also admired him
We called him ‘ abg s**i ‘
Or let just called him as Mr. Kerepek in here.
For those who knew him… just keep silent.. ok?

On the graduation’s days..
I saw him again. Haha
He still ‘sedap mata memandang’ guy..
If I’m translate it at google.. it will become like this.. “delicious eye view” guy..
Wahahaha… uncle google…uncle google..

But at that time, I don’t feel like I wanna to admire him anymore..
It’s because I’ve someone else to admire. Heh !

~ How will u react when someone looks at u like he wanna get to know u but he ashamed?

Do You Think Malay is Easy?

Sayang Sayang Sayang..
Sayang Sayang Sayang!
Sayang Sayang Sayang?

~ berbulu aku dengar... hahaha

*update : 25.11.09 - 11.27am

first line:
he/she calling for his/her loves one

2nd line:
he/she said that he/she loves his/her darling a lot

3rd line:
he/she asked either his/her darling loves him/her or not

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Aku Rindu Engkau?

Mr. Speky : Joyah. Ko ade facebook?
Joyah : x de
Mr. Speky : Friendster? Myspace? Tagged? Twitter?
Joyah : nope
Mr. Speky : ur lying
Joyah : yep
Mr. Speky : but why?
Joyah : saje
Mr. Speky : alaa Joyah. Aku nak tengok gambar ko
Joyah : search la
Mr. Speky : aku dah search da. But it ends with nothing
Joyah : put more effort lah
Joyah : hahaha
Mr. Speky : syring !! *stab your messenger icon appeared
Joyah : uhuk! it's hurt..
Mr. Speky : hahaha

~tetibe Joyah signed out lagik

Monday, November 23, 2009

Busy !


jenis susah reply.. =>
bukan xreply langsung tapi reply bile rasa nak reply...
org jenis nie memang susah nak dibuat kawan kerana lebih mementingkan diri sendiri...

jenis huruf besar.. =>
org y suke menaip mesej menggunakan huruf besar ato capital letter nie jenis org y susah nak diduga emosinye...
suka ato xsuke same jer...

jenis cepat reply.. =>
org y jenis terlalu cepat reply nie pulak bkn bagus tp terserlah sifat gelojoh ato terburu-buru.
mudah membuat keputusan tanpe berfikir pjg..

jenis ayat penuh.. =>
org y suke menaip ayat penuh tanpe sebarang short font ni pulak cenderung mementingkan kesempurnaan. ..
ato senang ckp skema orgnye..

jenis lambat reply.. =>
setiap kali reply msj makan mase 10-15m..
org jenis nie bkn susah nak dibuat kwn tp tergolong dlm org y moody n acuh xacuh..

jenis short font.. =>
org y terlalu byk menggunakan short font hingga susah untuk difahami ayat nie lagi ler susah diduga emosinye n kurang memikirkan perasaan org len..

jenis ayat bercampur.. =>
org y suke menaip bercampur aduk dengan huruf besar,huruf kecik n nombor ni pulak jenis org y periang tp bercelaru hidupnye mcm xde undang" langsung..

jenis anto 10x.. sekali jer jawab.. =>
org yg sms rate die RM10 sekali anto.. jadi die kene catu...

jenis anto x jawab2.. =>
org yg sure cnfm selebet abis la... kdt x dakkkk... hehehehe

*update : 24.11.09
i wanna ask u somethin'... is it true i'm moody n 'acuh x acuh'?
'periang tp bercelaru' = i think it's true... ;P

Friday, November 20, 2009

Aku Rindu Engkau?

Buzz !

Mr. Speky : Hai Joyah ! Morning...
Joyah : Morning
Mr. Speky : bz ke?
Joyah : a’ah
Mr. Speky : peh ! terus je.. sampai hati
Joyah : ape nyer?
Mr. Speky : Bile ko nak jumpe aku ni?
Joyah : dalam mimpi
Mr. Speky : weh ! betul2 la
Joyah : aku tengah bz la ngok ! bos aku bg banyak keje..
Joyah : jangan kaco aku le
Mr. Speky : alaa..
Joyah : bye2

~ tetibe Joyah signed out.....

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Tag "Saya Sedang....."

Saya sedang...

- Playing games in Facebook -(Farmville, Cafe World, Happy Aquarium, Island Paradise etc.)

- Blogging -
(read other’s blog and updating my blog)

- Stare at my boss’s itinerary -(from Osaka to Kota Kinabalu or from Osaka to Hong Kong..confused)

- Thinking not to go to English Class today -

- Checking my emails -

- Feeling bored and wanna go home early -
Done !

*Update :
Wana jawab tag ni jugak !!

~ Tag by Naz

Chinese Eye Test !

If you cannot decipher anything,
then try pulling the corner of your eyes as if you were Chinese.
(Sepetkan mata anda)

It works :-)

~ impressed !

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Chocolate Cake ~

My First Cake
~ Chocolate Cake ~
taken by me ~ blur *like the baker

taken by my bro ~ well..much better

My 2nd Cake

I quit !

From today onwards..
I’m no longer 99 HTN contestants..
It’s because of I’ve always got stomachache… *masuk angin maa…
Even I ate noodle or biscuits or whatsoever..still ..huhu
I’ve a miserable life without rice.. *oh ! what an excuse.. ;P
The other reason is I’m going to Singapore by the end of this week..
And of course..i want to eat Nasi Ayam Penyet there..
Nasi Ayam Penyet Singapore at Causeway Point, Woodlands is the best Nasi Ayam Penyet I’ve ever tasted.. ekeke
Nasi Ayam Penyet Limbongan at Kota Fesyen, MITC also can’t challenge Singapore’s Nasi Ayam Penyet..
Eventhough Nasi Ayam Penyet is actually from Indonesia..hehe

ade nak kirim??

~ tengah rajin buat kek… next entry ya..

Friday, November 13, 2009

Patah Hati

I'm always thinking about one question...
but I can't even give the answer..

Is there anyone would cry if i'm gone?

Menu on day 12:
- Mee goreng, Bihun sup, Bihun goreng, H2O

Menu on day 13:
- Sandwich, Yong Tau Fu, Fruit Cocktail, Wafer, Keropok Ikan, Roti Kirai, H2O

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Pathetic !

I'm not in the mood of writing..

Menu on day 10 :
- keropok ikan, mee goreng, roti, H2O

Menu on day 11 :
- Roti gardenia yang bersalut telur, Roti Canai, Bihun lembap, H2O

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Seminar V2

* credited to Sis Zana

Seminar Pembantu Tadbir (Kesetiausahaan) UTeM

Date : 6-8 November 2009
Venue : Desaru Golden Beach Hotel, Kota Tinggi, Johor
My room no. : 624

Let’s pictures do the talking..orait?

b4 leaving to Desaru

in the bus

my roomate

conference's room


cak !!

three of us

M.O.S.T = my Group

balloon tower in the making


our certificates


with Pn. Mariana

Our Miss Secretary !! Yeay..

no comment

UTeM's lake

~ to be continue....

Monday, November 9, 2009

Langgar Pantang !

3 days 2 nite... I went for a secretary workshop.. and now.. I'm not going to talk about the workshop..
but I wanna talk about me eating NASI !! It looks like I 'sudah langgar pantang maaa...sudah langgar itu syarat2 99HTN' But, before the workshop.. I'm already asked kak Zel what is the consequences if I’m eating rice..

Here it goes the conversation..
I’ve sent my pic to kak Zel by email..
Then I tell her that I’m going for a workshop for 3 days..

“ok nsudah diterima... g kursus byk dugaan wooo...” – kak Zel

“haha.. tau x pe...sedap2..kalau makan nasik secara on da spot..terkeluar ek?” – me

“Tak.. tp kena tepek gambar nasi itu kat blog Kalau LWP nnt tinggi.. tp ada makan nasi smpi 10 kali.. Mgkn kita kasi org yg ke-2 tertinggi tp tak makan nasi lansung yg menang.. So baru lah adilkan.. Nama pun join 99 hari tanpa nasi” – kak Zel

So.. now it means that I’m still qualified in 99 HTN rite?
But.. I’m maybe going for the orientation of new staff early in December..
And I’m starting to think.. should I continue 99HTN?
Menu on day 5:
- Bihun Sup, Wafer, H2O (I think there’s more..but I don’t remember)

Menu on day 6:
- Roti John, Nasi+Lauk, Biskut and H2O

Menu on day 7:
- Honey Star, Mee, Nasi+Lauk, Kuih muih, BBQ (ayam,daging,sate, etc.), H2O

Menu on day 8:
- Honey Star, Nasi Lemak, Kuih muih, Nasi+Lauk, Kacang, Aiskrim, H2O

Menu on day 9:
- Mee goreng, Bihun goreng, Keropok ikan, H2O

~ I don’t have the picture of Nasi I’ve ate..sorry
~ I’ll write about the workshop..soon

Thursday, November 5, 2009


Starting from tomorrow.. I'll leave this blog for about 3 days..
and I'll be in Desaru for a secretary's workshop...
'till then...

Entry Bahasa Melayu..

Ini adalah entry khas kepada pemandu Proton Satria Neo kaler Maroon.. no plate start dari huruf 'B' ade sticker Transformers kat cermin belakang..
dan pemandu lori tanah kaler purple no. plate stat dari huruf ape ntah. x ingat.

Kepada pemandu Proton Satria Neo :
gua tau lu cantik.. kereta lu cantik..
tapi..... lu ingat lu cantik ke bile hempet2 kete orang..masuk lane orang x bagi signal..
kalau gua eksiden dengan kereta yang bertentangan dengan gua.. komfem gua x maafkan lu seumur hidup..
lu ingat lu tengok gua guna cermin tengah tu..muke lu cantik..
sumpah ! cket pun aku x tergugat dengan muke lu yang kontrol cun tu..
perangai macam celaka...
kalau calar kete gua tadi...memang gua hambat lu cukup2..
dah terang2 gua signal nak masuk simpang tepi...yang lu sebuk2 masuk lane gua tapi nak terus kenapa?
buat pengetahuan lu...pahala gua hari ni dah banyak hilang sebab lu...dari tempat depan balai polis kandang tu..gua menyumpah lu sampai gua tiba kat opis..
memang gua sangat hangin !
lain signal la awal2... x de la gua gelabah bile lu hempet kete gua tiba2..
gua ganas juga bawak x seganas lu ! cett !

kepada Pemandu Lori Purple :
lu lagi macam celaka. gua tau la lori lu besar. saga gua kecik. agak2 la wey. lu ingat lu bagus sangat la. lu ingat jalan tu lu punya la. hah ! bangang punya orang. nasib aku x langgar grand livina tadi. pagi2 dah buat orang sakit hati. x pasal2 aku pun jadi samseng jalanan pagi2.. x habis aku nyumpah satria neo..aku dah nyumpah ko..selang seli ngan kete neo tadi.. huh !

~ ini entri marah !

yesterday's menu :
- kuew tiaw basah, buah, biskut oat munchy's, roti cecah kari, milo, H2O

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Is it TRUE?

Is it TRUE?

if we're in a serious we're gonna die in a few minutes..
we'll have been thinking the one who we've love so much?
eventhough we have someone special?

Well, i've never been in this situation.
it's just.. after i've read about this situation in Cathy Hopkins books.
"Mates, Dates, and Great Escapes"

"I shut my eyes tight, and as the plane rattled and bounced along, I prayed that we'd make it home. Please, please God, let me see my mum and dad one more time. And Steve and Lal. And...and Tony. I wanted to see Tony one last time. Oh God. I really, really did.

So we might have had fallings-out, but now, when it came to the crunch, it was his face I saw in my mind, not the lovely Teddy. We'd been through so much together. Oh God, oh God, I thought. I'll be ever so good if you get us through this and I promise I won't only pray at exam times or when I'm travelling.

I promise, God. I'll pray in between when everything's all right."

This book is quiet fun and enjoyable. and I wish that I could go to Florence to see how beautiful it was.

~ Mode : Up side Down

Menu for yesterday - Day 3 :
- Mee kari, kuih muih, 2 ekor cencaru bakar + H2O

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

I Knew It's Him !

I knew it’s him !

This is when I’m in Form 3..We’re busy switching our classes for the English’s subject…
I sat in front of Syafiq and Zamri from class 3 Arif besides Rozilawati (same class with me 3 Ali) [wonder if they still remember me or not (-.-) ]..

Then, Syafiq asked me something that I just can’t answer..or maybe I don’t know how to answer that question.

Syafiq : Daya ! Ko suke at ***** ek?
Me : ……….. *silent
Syafiq : Weh ! Aku tanyer ko ni..
Me : kenapa ko cakap macam tu?
Syafiq : Aku tau lah…cara ko tengok die pun aku tau..
Me : ……..*blushing

Well, its 6 years ago.. and TRUE ! I do like him.. ;P

6 years has gone.. and after 5 years lost contact..and I almost slipped him from my mind…
Today, on 10.40 am (Tuesday, 3 November 2009)… I met him again !

It’s when me and my colleagues were having our breakfast at Durian Tunggal. Then, there is one guy with his mom get into the stall.

When I first saw him, I knew it ! It’s him ! Suddenly I feel full.

When me and my colleagues paying for our meals.. I’m trying to greet him.. but, unfortunately..
I don’t have courage to talk to him. I’m ashamed.

But now, when I’m wrote this entry… I’m full of regret for not greeting him… haiyoo !

~ I wish that he still remembered me ;)


as requested by one of the blogger...

Menu on 1 November 2009 (Sunday) :
- Roti John
- Fried Chicken
- Chocolate cake
- Jeruk
- Curry Maggi
- H2O + juice

Menu on 2 November 2009 (Monday) :
- Roti Sardin
- Jemput-jemput
- Fruit
- Laksa
- More than 1 liter H2O

Done !

~ No Healthy Food?? ayoyoyo !

Monday, November 2, 2009

99 HTN

99 HTN = 99 Hari Tanpa Nasi
[ November 1, 2009 'till February 7, 2010 ]

thanx to LiLy for the info of this competition.
actually it is a competition produced by kak Zel.. one of the blogger
wanna know more about this competition..? [click here]

then, i decided to be one of the competitor..
well, i dont have much to say about this..

and as usual, when i have to write in english..
my entry will become shorter...shorter n shorter..
and i also keep repeating the same sentences..same words...
like a girl is trying hard to get her essay much longer.. urghh !

For your information..from 2nd Nov 09 'till 8th Feb 10..
i will update the foods i've ate on each day..


Oh! sorry... i've draft the foods i've ate on 1st of Nov..
but then, i deleted it because of.. i thought there is no necessary to put in what i've ate in my blog..
no one's bother..right?

~ dull !
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