Thursday, December 31, 2009


I accidently found about phobia when browsing something in the internet..

What is a phobia ?
According to the American Psychiatric Association, a phobia is an irrational and excessive fear of an object or situation. In most cases, the phobia involves a sense of endangerment or a fear of harm.

What do people fear most? The following phobias are ten of the most common fear-objects that lead to symptoms such as dizziness, nausea, and breathlessness. In some cases, these symptoms escalate into a full-blown panic attack. These common phobias typically involve the environment, animals, or specific situations.

1. Arachnophobia:
- The fear of spiders.
- This phobia tends to affect women more than men.

2. Ophidiophobia:
- The fear of snakes.
- Often attributed to evolutionary causes, personal experiences, or cultural influences.

3. Acrophobia:
- The fear of heights.
- This fear can lead to anxiety attacks and avoidance of high places.

4. Agoraphobia:
- The fear of situations in which escape is difficult.
- This may include crowded areas, open spaces, or situations that are likely to trigger a panic attack. People will begin avoiding these trigger events, sometimes to the point that they cease leaving their home.
Approximately one third of people with panic disorder develop agoraphobia.

5. Cynophobia:
- The fear of dogs.
- This phobia is often associated with specific personal experiences, such as being bitten by a dog during childhood.

6. Astraphobia:
- The fear of thunder and lightening.
- Also known as Brontophobia, Tonitrophobia, or Ceraunophobia.

7. Trypanophobia:
- The fear of injections.
- Like many phobias, this fear often goes untreated because people avoid the triggering object and situation.

8. Social Phobias:
- The fear of social situations.
- In many cases, these phobias can become so severe that people avoid events, places, and people that are likely to trigger an anxiety attack.

9. Pteromerhanophobia:
- The fear of flying.
- Often treated using exposure therapy, in which the client is gradually and progressively introduced to flying.

10. Mysophobia:
- The fear of germs or dirt.
- May be related to obsessive-compulsive disorder.

More info about PHOBIA's symptom/types... click here
List of phobias.. click here

~ Few of my phobias = acrophobia, coulrophobia, dentophobia, arachnophobia and opnidiophobia.. (-.-')

Wednesday, December 30, 2009


I've got a souvenirs from Datin for joining choir's groups during the PUSPANITA's Hi-Tea..

Beautiful..isn't it?

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

My Spy...

Synopsis :

"Wildman AJ (AC Mizal) is colour blind. Salleh (Harun Salim Bachik) is a retired cop who tries to sell his invention to the police. The two hate each other but these two private detectives must join forces to solve their biggest cases, involving a corrupt man (Datuk 'O' Osman), a sexy secretary (Hannah Tan) and an art collection theft syndicate."

This movie was JUST ok...
Not suitable for kids I think..
Eventhough they use chinese women to wear a sexy clothes..
But it's still..not proper to be shown in the MALAY movie..

I don't like the 'gay thinking' in this movie..huh!
Well, I just don't like it.. sorry to say..

Monday, December 28, 2009


For the Synopsis : Click Here

I give 4 and a half star for this movie..
The plot were predictable.. but what makes this movie hits was..
The way they presented the movie/story..the way they acted.. the way they speak..
The graphic..the scenery..Excellent !

Waiting for someone to treat me for AVATAR 3D..haha

Lucky Draw..

..Puspanita Hi-Tea's Lucky Draw..

Am I lucky?? Yes !
This is my F.I.R.S.T lucky draw's present ever..

Pity me right?

Chocolate !

My boss gave this to us this morning.. (me and kak yan of course)..
chocolate from Japan..
dark chocolate with almond..
so good !

last 2 weeks..i've got chocolate from Langkawi.. (also from my boss)
last week.. my sister in law gave me n my family a chocolate..
also from Langkawi..

maybe I should called this month as...
Sweet December !
Horray !


Click picture to watch !

These are few cartoons that used to be my favorite when I was a kid.
You may also have your own favorites cartoon..right?
Mind to share it with me??
Just post a link at the comment.. (^o^)..

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

It's Hard !

I just want to expresse my anger, my sadness n much more feeling in here…
I think that I haven’t wrote much about my work… my colleagues..right?
But this time…I’m so pissed off !

As you guys know…
Last 2 weeks, I went for an orientation and induction courses.
But what am I gonna tell you guys is before and after the courses.

Before I went for the courses… faculty did have a meeting about the project application..
Then, those who sent their application form should take it back to do the correction.. and sent it back to me so that I can forward their form to CRIM..

And then…. I went for the courses..

When I’m back… I realized that only half of them that have sent their project application form to me.. a few of them haven’t..
Thanks to my colleagues… she already separate all the forms..the original n the latest (that have been corrected)..

After a few days of waiting… my boss asked me to send all the project application form because it was date lined.
But ! there is someone haven’t sent his form..the RUDE lecturer..
He was my problem !

My boss asked me to call him to sent his application form…
( why do I called him “the RUDE lecturer”? Because he was so annoying… bad mouth! )

I called him..but he didn’t answer..
Then I’ve to forward all the 24 project application form and I’ve to photocopy all those things..
And it makes me very busy.
Then, I accidently forget to called him again ! but..the things is..he also didn’t call me back !

After I’ve sent the latest forms… I put the original form to the other side…
and I’m really forget about him..

Then my boss went for an outstation to Japan..for this whole week..

Last Monday, the RUDE lecturer called me.. and he scolded me like I’m the one who guilty. It’s like I’m the one who responsible for not sending his project application form. The things is..i don’t know what was happened..and he scolded me terribly.. I’m so pissed off..

I don’t care if he is a lecturer or what ! ..he should have some respect to all staff I supposed.

I said to him that he didn’t sent his form to me..and I’ve called him but he didn’t answer.
Then he said that..he did took his application form after the meeting to do the correction. But, when he check his form.. there is no correction that supposed to be correct.

Then about 6 o’clock in the evening .. he put his form back on my table..but he doesn’t know which one is the original and which one is the latest form.
This happened when I’m still in the induction courses.

The problem is..he didn’t wrote a note..even a simple note to tell me or my colleagues (who replaced me for a week) that this is the form that has been corrected. He didn’t even called my colleagues to tell her that he already passed up the project form.

But..if I double check the original form… I wouldn’t know that..that’s the form that he send back to me.. it is because.. There were much more mistake that he didn’t corrected.

The obvious errors were a lecturer can’t apply two projects and the project budget can’t be more than RM 100k. But his project application are beyond the limit..
That’s why I thought that his form was the original form..the form that hasn’t be corrected..

He scolded me and he said that he struggle to do the project application form..and I didn’t sent it to CRIM..
Now, I want to ask you guys… who’s right and who’s wrong??

And you know what… he ORDER me to write a letter to CRIM and tell CRIM that his form was accidently dropped out.. and asked me to do two copy of the forms to send it to VC and DVC…

Then, I wrote the letter and asked Dr. Z’s signature.. my Dean was in Japan with my bosses..

I told Dr. Z everything.. from the beginning until what happened now..
And he said that I don’t have to cc to VC or DVC… I’ve just to forward his form to CRIM..
He told me to just ignore the RUDE lecturer.. ‘buat pekak’ je..

Well, in this situation.. I really hope that my boss was here.. huhu..

p/s : I’m sorry because this entry was too long to read..

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

I'm Stressed Out !

I always want to be in or to go or visiting all of the places above.
Not necessarily outside Malaysia. If you know places like this or look alike in Malaysia, do kindly tell me.
I don't care if you have these scenery at the back of your house, just tell me. (perhaps, may I come over to your house..hehe)
I wanted to feel the calm with the beauty of flora and fauna.

Your suggestion please....

Oh ! I've posted this before...

Monday, December 21, 2009

Brittany Murphy dies in LA at age 32

Today's news.

Everybody was very fuss about the death of Brittany Murphy including my friends. Most of my friends are admiring her until now.

Why did I post this entry?
It's because... I don't know anything about her. Not even a single thing about her that I remember. err.. I think lah !

Please remind me about her...anything ! movie or whatsoever...
~ Pity me or pity her??

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Zombieland !

Synopsis :

The film takes place within a post-apocalyptic America, where a zombie apocalypse has been triggered by a virulent form of human adapted mad cow disease.

College student Columbus (
Jesse Eisenberg) is on his way to Columbus, Ohio to see if his parents are alive. He loses his car in an accident and encounters Tallahassee (Woody Harrelson). They travel together and when they stop at a grocery store, they meet two sisters, Wichita (Emma Stone) and Little Rock (Abigail Breslin).

The sisters con them into handing over their weapons and steal their truck. The two men walk and soon find a
Hummer H2 truck loaded with weapons. They then meet the girls again, who attempt to take the truck, their vehicle having broken down. Columbus proposes a truce and suggests they travel together.

Columbus tells Wichita he is heading home to Columbus, Ohio but she blurts out that it has been burned to the ground and is overrun by zombies. He decides instead to stay with the group. Wichita tells Columbus that she is taking Little Rock to "Pacific Playland" in Los Angeles, an amusement park rumored to be zombie-free.

On the way to the park, they pass through
Hollywood and Tallahassee decides to take them to Bill Murray's mansion. Tallahassee and Wichita meet Murray himself, uninfected but disguised as a zombie with make-up so that he can walk safely among the infected.

Little Rock is unfamiliar with Bill Murray so Columbus shows her the film
Ghostbusters. Murray enters in order to scare Columbus and Little Rock as a practical joke, but thinking he is a zombie Columbus shoots and kills him.

After a makeshift funeral, Tallahassee reveals he lost his son to the zombies, rather than his pet dog as he had earlier led Columbus to believe; Wichita begins developing feelings for Columbus. Fearing attachment, Wichita leaves with Little Rock for Pacific Playland. Columbus decides to go after Wichita, and he and Tallahassee pursue the sisters in one of Murray's vehicles.

Wichita and Little Rock arrive at Pacific Playland and turn on all the rides and lights, attracting nearby zombies. A battle ensues, leaving the sisters trapped on a
drop tower ride and running low on ammunition. Tallahassee and Columbus arrive just as the sisters' ammunition is depleted.

Tallahassee manages to lure the majority away, then intentionally locks himself in a game booth while Columbus goes after the sisters. Columbus saves the girls and in thanks, Wichita reveals her real name (Krysta) to him. The two share their first kiss.

Tallahassee eliminates the remaining zombies single-handedly. Columbus comes to the realization that this is the only family he needs, and the four leave Pacific Playland together.
(Source : Wikipedia)

What makes this film interesting and exciting is because there are rules to survive in Zombieland.

Rule no. 1 = Cardio !
(You must have the stamina to run from the zombies)
Rule no. ...(don't remember) = Double tap
(you must shoot the zombies twice)
Rule no. ...(don't remember also) = Beware of bathroom !
(there are zombies in the bathroom..haha)
Rule no. ...(whatever) = Wear your seat belt !
(so that if you hit won't be thrown out !)
Rule no. ...(do I care?) = Check your back seat !
(check either there is a zombie at your back seat)

and many other rules that I don't remember.. It's quite fun you know !

One of the panic situation !

Funny situation ! hehe

Columbus afraid of clown.. (so do I..ngee!)

~ 4 star for this movie !

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Why does women love to hide their age?

On my way back home from my office, I'm listening to Fly FM if I'm not mistaken.
Actually I accidentally turn to Fly FM because of there is no song were played by Hot FM at that time.
I'm a bit attracted in the topic they've discussed.
The topic is 'Why does women love to hide their age?'

A few callers called and one of them said that she is 20 years old and her friends age were average in 18-19 years old. She looks younger than her age and that makes her pleased to admit that she was just 17 years old.

And then, there is another caller said that 'You don't have to be ashamed to admit your age to anyone ! When someone asked me how old I am? I'm proudly said that I'm 36 years old and I'm proud of it !'
Well, she's quite encouraging, you see! She was proud to be herself.

And also there is one caller said that there's a few reason why does women love to hide their age. As what I remember is either 'these women' are not yet married or they're still don't have a boyfriend. Is it true fellows?

The reason given by the DJ’s after he done his research and whatsoever is.. the women are afraid of the words “JATUH SAHAM”.. Is it true? If we’re getting older.. our ‘SAHAM’ akan jatuh ? or it was the other way around..? I don’t know. You tell me !

Honestly, I'm one of 'these women'. The main reason is.. I look much older than my age. I'm ashamed to admit that I'm 21 years old girl. They thought that I was about in late 30 or early 40. Some said that I look like a mom who have 5 kids. Maybe because of my fat body isn't it?

You know what, sometimes I just admitted that I was married and I'm a mom with 5 kids. It was initially a sensitive issue for me but I've set my mind that I'll not be offended if there is a people who think so.

I'm trying to believe in myself and improve my confident levels but yet I'm still afraid of meeting 'those people' who loves to make fun of me.

Just wish me the best of luck..ok ?

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Tak suka dipaksa !

I wanna wrote about My Spy and Zombieland..
But..I'm so busy right now..
Can't think of anything !

~ Sorry sb x jengah blog korang..dah dekat 2 mgu x dapat jengah blog korang..
Aku 'bz x hengat'..

Monday, December 14, 2009

Lagi !

Hari ni bizi.
Hari ni kalut.
Hari ni banyak benda last minit.
Hari ni mata letih.

p/s : Facebook pun sempat jeling2 je.
: Sape kate bizi x bley bukak blog?

Friday, December 11, 2009

Orientation Course ! Part 3

Story mory..
Day 3..

Kitorang g Mini Grand Canyon..haha

Teambuilding yang keberapa ntah..

ni aku x lepas.. tangan x dapat menampung berat badan..huhu

ni pun aku x lepas...nak panjat kene pijak dak Tapa..
dah sampai atas..nak turun x bley..
tangan x kuat..then..

yang ni pun aku takut..
aku dah la gayat..tinggi giler aku rase gelongsor ni..
dah tu macam kecik la pulak kan...


lalu bawah jambatan..mase ni aku tengah mengah...
tercungap2.. mintak nyawa..huu

nasib muat...dah macam worms aku..
dah la aku jatuh pokok..jatuh plak lagi mase berlari..
tangan n lutut dah luka2..kene plak lalu meniarap..
macam nak nangis pun ade..sakit giler..huhu

Before Wars ! : Demo cara nak dapatkan botol air..

kene pakai masker sebelum pegi berperang..

adik aku cakap aku macam beruang !..

Sesi penyampaian hadiah : Dah nak balik..

~ More Picture : Click Here !
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