Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Why does women love to hide their age?

On my way back home from my office, I'm listening to Fly FM if I'm not mistaken.
Actually I accidentally turn to Fly FM because of there is no song were played by Hot FM at that time.
I'm a bit attracted in the topic they've discussed.
The topic is 'Why does women love to hide their age?'

A few callers called and one of them said that she is 20 years old and her friends age were average in 18-19 years old. She looks younger than her age and that makes her pleased to admit that she was just 17 years old.

And then, there is another caller said that 'You don't have to be ashamed to admit your age to anyone ! When someone asked me how old I am? I'm proudly said that I'm 36 years old and I'm proud of it !'
Well, she's quite encouraging, you see! She was proud to be herself.

And also there is one caller said that there's a few reason why does women love to hide their age. As what I remember is either 'these women' are not yet married or they're still don't have a boyfriend. Is it true fellows?

The reason given by the DJ’s after he done his research and whatsoever is.. the women are afraid of the words “JATUH SAHAM”.. Is it true? If we’re getting older.. our ‘SAHAM’ akan jatuh ? or it was the other way around..? I don’t know. You tell me !

Honestly, I'm one of 'these women'. The main reason is.. I look much older than my age. I'm ashamed to admit that I'm 21 years old girl. They thought that I was about in late 30 or early 40. Some said that I look like a mom who have 5 kids. Maybe because of my fat body isn't it?

You know what, sometimes I just admitted that I was married and I'm a mom with 5 kids. It was initially a sensitive issue for me but I've set my mind that I'll not be offended if there is a people who think so.

I'm trying to believe in myself and improve my confident levels but yet I'm still afraid of meeting 'those people' who loves to make fun of me.

Just wish me the best of luck..ok ?


  1. bila ckp umur 21 ramai yg xpercaya...nape ek??

  2. sebab muka aku lebih tua dari usia..huhu


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