Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Ninja Assassin !

Last Saturday, I went for a movie with Syam and Haris..
We’re watching Ninja Assassin on 5.45 pm at GSC Dataran Pahlawan, Melaka
This movie categorized as 18sg… only for 18 years old and above..
It should be that way.. not suitable for kids I think..

The Synopsis :

"Raizo (Rain) is one of the world's deadliest assassins, having been kidnapped as a child and raised by the Ozunu Clan, believed by the world to be a myth. When Raizo's friend is executed by the clan, Raizo flees into hiding. He later reemerges, seeking revenge. Meanwhile, Mika Coretti (Naomie Harris) is a Europol agent who investigates money linked to political murders and finds that it is linked to the Ozunu Clan. She defies her superior, Ryan Maslow (Ben Miles), and retrieves secret agency files to find out more. The clan, finding out about the investigation, attempts to assassinate her, but she is rescued by Raizo. Hiding in Europe, Raizo and Mika must find a way to take down the Ozunu Clan." (Source: Wikipedia)

For me, the best parts of the movie are :
- When Raizo practicing martial art in his room..
- When Raizo save Mika at her apartment
- When Raizo been kidnapped by Ozunu Clan
- When Raizo fights his master

It’s a loss if you’re not watching this movie..
It was the best movie of this year besides PAPADOM..hehe
If there’s someone would spend his money for me to watch this movie again..
I would say yes..yes..yes..and yes..haha

Opps ! I have not yet watched ‘2012’ movie..
And I don’t know which one is the best..
I heard feedback for ‘2012’ = not bad / best film ever and whatsoever

Syam told me that Rain had to undergo training about 6 hours every day for 6 month..
5 hours is for his body (gempak ! his body is soo fit and robust) and 1 hours for the martial art..
Only just for this movie… but for me…it’s worth it..hehe

Oh ~ I’m falling in love… haha

* I’ve never use the word ‘robust’ before..haha (macam pelik..ekeke)


  1. hahaha...
    bkn men lg dak aboi ni....
    nnt nk tgok jgk la...
    2012 pon aku lom tgok lg..
    adik aku ckp xbest...
    xbest..xyah tgok la..hak3...

  2. haha...x best ke?
    so far ni first time aku dengar x best..haha

    best woo...ninja assassin..
    rugi kalau x tengok..hehe


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