Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Sixteen... 16


Do you know what it means?  Sweet sixteen? hehe... of course not.. 

To be honest, this is my 16th post for this year.  To call myself as a blogger.. I don't think that would be proper anymore.  This is the worst year since I've started blogging.  It's nearly September and I can't even write more than 20 entries.. what a shame.. (-_-")

Does anyone cares?? haha

Since we're still in the mood of raya.. I just want to share a video that were made by ACTH (Anak Cucu Tok Haroon) for hari raya.  Since I'm a fans of K-Pop, I found that this video is interesting enough to be watched.  The ACTH family are so happening and the fact that they can make a video like that on hari raya, amazed me..totally! daebak!  ACTH family jjang!  ekekeke.

So...lets enjoy this video... have fun while watching it.. =P


Suasana Gangnam Raya <--- Click for full video..(just open it in another tab.. =P)
and.... this one below is from the original singer of the song... PSY - Gangnam Style..

lets end it here... have a nice day everyone !


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