Tuesday, August 28, 2012


This is a jealous post..

To be honest.. There are so much things that I've been jealous about.. I envy my friends, my family, my collegues, artist, celebrities and so much more..  They're all have things to be envy of.  It's not that I'm being ungrateful to what I have. hehe.  It's just that there are always times that you would also be envious of anything that you don't have. Right?

For example, my friends... how can they easily find their life partner?  Why are their partner came so fast like they're riding the ferrari?  but then... Where is my partner? Why he's still not arriving?  Did he rides a bicycle? Is that why he's still not arriving? ekekeke...  it's funny and sad, just by thinking about it.

Yeah, I know.. I'm a lonely girl... lalalalalalala.. don't worry partner.. I'll paaaatiently wait for you to come.. =P

Ermm... I'm also jealous of my lil bro.. his part time job are something that I really wanted to do.  He's currently an intern in MBMB and his part time job is as a photoghapher.  He's now a junior photographer for TheLicious

I loves taking pictures.  That explain why do I love Instagram.. =)  rather than a wedding photos, I prefer the nature... a scenery.. somethings that has to do with the nature.. animal, flowers, sky, lake and many more.. unfortunately, I don't have a camera.. DSLR camera is what I mean.  hehe.  

My lil bro is making his own money.  Me too making my own money.  It's just that my living expenses are slightly more than what I earned, I think? hehe.  Well, just take it as a challenge for a better life...like my big bro said.  

Come to think of it... I think the jealousy are like some kind of a goal that I've to achieve by working hard.  I've to work hard to be as good as the person I envy...is that so? or not?  Arghh... I don't know.  

The conclusion is, I always envy other people's life..  somehow I wondered, is there anyone out there that envy my life?  hehehe..        



  1. Tak usah cemburu dgn nasib org...fikir positif...

  2. xmo jeles2 ye dayah..bab psgn hidup tu sabar menanti ye..jgn putus asa, semua org ade psg nye, cpt atau lambat je..maybe ye kot die naik basikal..hehe

    1. hahaha... aku tak putus asa punya..
      mana tau jodoh aku tu skolah lagi ke.. ye tak...hahaha

      naik basikal pun naik basikal la.. aku tunggu insyaAllah..hehe

  3. cemburukan seseorang/sesuatu, tapi kita tanam niat yg baik untuk jadi seperti mereka, itu adalah benda yg positif.. teroskan cemburu tu, harap2 kita juga akan jadi sama macam mereka... hehehe...

    bab life partner tu aku stju sangat la hai dayah... huhuhu... xpe, kita tunggu je la life partner kita ye, takesah la dia naik basikal ke, bawak perahu ke, rakit ke... kalau da janji Allah dia datang, dia pasti datang..

    tapi kan, aku kdg2 jeles ngn ko.. walaupun banyak datang cobaan dan dugaan, ko tetap senyum.. semoga Allah sentiasa bagi keceriaan dalam hidup ko ye dayah.. (^_^)

    1. haha... bersama lah kita menanti dengan sabar.. hehe..

      Aku doakan ko pun sentiasa diberi keceriaan dan dipermudahkan segala urusan.. hehe


  4. Selamat Hari raya Dayah! lama betul tak menyinggah sini. baru perasan ada entry baru. hehe..
    InsyaAllah bertemua kita tak lama lagi. :D

    1. Selamat Hari Raya juga kak asmara...hehe.. InsyaAllah.. lepas ni boleh belajar Jepun ngan kak asmara..hehe


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