Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Ramadhan Greeting ~

Assalamualaikum and Hello Everybody!

I've been idle for quite sometimes, isn't it?  I've lots of story to be shared but when there are too much it will become none.  So, no stories. hmphh..

and now....

18 days of fasting have already passed and there are 11 more days to go.  Aidilfitri is coming very soon..  I haven't yet wash my baju raya neither buy things for raya.  Maybe because I don't really have a heart to celebrate raya.  This year will be the first Aidilfitri without my mom.  It will be different isn't it?  I don't know that raya's songs can makes me cry before.  But I actually did cried yesterday.  I missed her.     

I don't want to go further about this because I might end up deleting this entry without posting it.  Ok! Lets have a fun chat now.  Few days ago was my birthday.  And I can say that it was a fun and happy day for me.

Few days before my birthday, my father text me saying that he will be back to celebrate our birthday with family.  For no reason, I felt touched by his text.  hehe.  At first, I kinda feel sad because I've a class on my birthday and unable to break fasting with my family.

But then...

I feel blessed.  It was a thrill day for me.  I went to KLCC on that day because there are no parking at UTMSpace neither at Ampang Park.  It's fortunate that KLCC is not too far from UTMSpace Jalan Tun Razak.  So I decided to park at KLCC and take a LRT to Ampang Park.

So, I went there.  As far as I can remember, it was the first time in my life that I went to KLCC alone.  The last time I went there was with my cousin for a movie.  Afraid of getting lost in KLCC and the anxiousness for not be able to find my car later on, I wrote a note on my phone from the parking lot's number, the level and even the first shop that I saw.  hehe.

And after that, I keep on walking boldly with the trust of the signboard.  I kept on following the train signboard and I end up to be at the opposite way.  Fuhh.. It was challenging because of fasting and I'm running out of time.  Thanks to the guards, I was able to find the LRT Station.  It's locate underground.

I'm happily took the LRT to Ampang Park and because it was not my first time, I didn't have much difficulty back then.  But... the funny things is... I missed the Ampang Park Station where I'm supposed to be out.  I pay too much attention to Instagram and didn't realized that I missed the station.  In the end, I end up wasting my time for the unnecessary reason. pfft. (-_-")

The best part is, my buddy treat me for break fasting.  She even bought me a birthday cake! It was my first time actually to break fasting outdoor.  Well, it was a fun day because I experienced lots of things for the first time.  hehe.

Right after break fasting, I rushed up to go back to Melaka and took a brief stop at R&R Seremban to fill up the fuel & pray.  Then, at home, my father treat us (family) a bunch of pizza.  woot! woot! (^_^)

And when we were still eating, my lil brother brought me a present.  A beautiful handbag.  A double triple happiness ! hehe.  My father also got his present.  Oh... my family are so thoughtful.. I'm touched! kekekeke

This is all for now.  Happy Ramadhan & have a blast day everyone!  


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