Monday, May 21, 2012


It looks like I used the word 'well' too much in the previous post, isn't it? Well... this. Well..that.  Well..what!?  haha.. I don't even remember the basic rules to write in English.  I can't say I didn't know the rules, right? Because somewhat I believe that my teacher used to teach me that kind of stuff.  =P

Well.. (what?? some more? T_T tsk..tsk.) haha.  'Well' is the word that I love to say maybe.  I can't just go on with another sentences without well.  Well..well..well... oh! oh!  (what? what? idea? idea?)

Let's make a sentence that shows how the word 'well' can be used.  Sounds fun, right? Is it FUN! Trust me! (where are the confident comes from? kekeke)  Let's go!

1.   All is well !

2.   Oh no! He fell in the well! Somebody helps him!

3.   Honey, you're not feeling well?
4.  Our plan goes well, just as we planned!
5.   I know it well before my husband know.

6.   I'm well aware of their plan to bring my unwell brother out of town.  We have to cut it down!

7.   Well..well..well.. What are you doing here, Snow white?

8.   Well done! Good job! Congratulation.
Ok.  I can't seems to think about the other meaning besides these.  You know what? I took a long time to finish this entry.  Whooaa... seems like still I have a long way to go before I can master English Language. (T__T.)

That's all.  Thank you.


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