Thursday, May 10, 2012

My Granny Missed My Mom

Hi everyone !  Haven't write for quite sometimes.  Well, there are much going on these day.  But, there are nothing that I can tell about.  I'm always blank whenever I open the new post section. 

It's just that today, I feel so sad.  My back was hurt but to tell you, massage is even worse.  I'm actually sweating, crawling around and even crying for some help while getting the massage.  LOL.  I bet I'll get bruised on my back tomorrow.  Fuhhh... it's so unbearable.  My granny said, tomorrow night you'll have to get a massage again to cure your pain.  And I was like 'what!!'  *fainted*

Oh ya! About the subject above.  My granny suddenly asked me either I still have my mom picture on her last birthday.  It was the day when my granny make a pulut kuning to celebrate my mom's birthday.  We (my granny and I) even decorated the pulut kuning to make it look even more delicious.  That was her last birthday.  Only if I knew.  I would do something to make her more happier.  *cry*

Well then, I showed some pictures that we took on that day.  I've posted a picture before. *Click here* My granny is actually look sad eventhough she didn't say it.  The face tell us all. When I wrote this, I really missed my mom.  Well, it was a good day to remember.  Al-Fatihah for my mom.

Lastly, I hope my granny, my father and family will live healthy and blessed by Allah. 

Thanks for reading my blog.


  1. sedih aku... dayah, ko kena kuat untuk kuatkan nenek ko.. byk2 sedekah al-fatihah dengan doa kat mak ko ea..

    nape belakang ko sakit? jaga diri.. belakang kalau da sakit, lambat nak baik.. baik pegi urut.. (walaupun aku sendiri tak suka urut2 ni.. huhu... geli..)

    1. sakit woo urut... aku jatuh tangga ujung tahun lepas. T_T

  2. laaa.. cane leh jatuh ni... atooii.. ni memasing amek badi si wana la ni.. huhuhu... g la wat xray.. tgok tulang tu takot ada yg retak ke.. uii.. seram aku bila jatuh2 ni...

    1. Aku pun seram weh.. tapi takut tu nak g jumpa doktor.. hari tu x ray tak de pape..dia suh buat mri baru tau ada masalah ke apa.. T__T

  3. sume org akan bersedih bila org yg kita syg dah tak ada...Yaya kuat semangat insyaAllah...


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