Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Mr. Kerepek

My Officemates have joined the Ping Pong Competition held at Port Dickson Polytechnic last Sunday. They won bronze for their team – 3 single and 2 double
Congratulations for them.

As I talked about Ping Pong n Port Dickson Polytechnic…
Suddenly I remembered about someone I’ve admired.
He always played Ping Pong with his teammate every Wednesday’s evening.

How do I know?
Well, I’m always went to ‘Pasar Malam’ every Wednesday.

For your information,
I’m the ex-student of PPD..just like him
I did notice him when I was in my first sem. For me he is a handsome boy. Or I should say..a handsome guy.

But, when I was in sem 2 n 3.. I’m no longer seeing him at PPD and I’m almost forgets about him.Well, in my last sem.. I saw him again

He is also in the last sem.
And that’s when I started being a stalker. Haha
I’m always stalking him if I’m encounters him on the road or in his class..

Even my roommate also admired him
We called him ‘ abg s**i ‘
Or let just called him as Mr. Kerepek in here.
For those who knew him… just keep silent.. ok?

On the graduation’s days..
I saw him again. Haha
He still ‘sedap mata memandang’ guy..
If I’m translate it at google.. it will become like this.. “delicious eye view” guy..
Wahahaha… uncle google…uncle google..

But at that time, I don’t feel like I wanna to admire him anymore..
It’s because I’ve someone else to admire. Heh !

~ How will u react when someone looks at u like he wanna get to know u but he ashamed?


  1. abg s**i....
    aku kenal....aku kenal.....
    ala... kte kn sama admire org yg a**m2...hik3.. ko abg s**i.. aku abg h***z...wakaka...

    eh, ko ada minat org len? sape2... ceh...da mcm minah kepoci je aku ni..

  2. aiyoo...
    dalam blog panggil die Mr. Kerepek la..hahaha

    a'ah la... ape kes ngan abg h***z ko tu? die wat pe ek skang?

    minat orang lain? hehehe.... rahsie..haha

  3. hahahahaha
    aku kenal sama itu abg s**i..
    buddy ko ingat tak aku snggp kejar dy semata2 nk dapatkan autograf dy nk bagi dkt ko...
    last2 dpt jugak walaupon kecik je sign dy..hehehehehe

  4. haha...
    aku ingat lagi la buddy..
    ade lagi aku simpan mendealah tu..hehe

    thanx ek..

  5. google translator mmg boleh buat kita ketawa terbahak2...hehehe...

    mr. kerepek...hmmm...hope takde misai tebal macam datok k...

  6. kak sha,
    yep...sometimes google translator can be much helpful but sometimes.. it will make us lol..haha

    mr. kerepek x de misai tebal..but he has janggut yang tebal...wahaha

  7. haha..
    ak pn knl gak...
    mr kerepek tu alias abg s**i....


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