Monday, November 9, 2009

Langgar Pantang !

3 days 2 nite... I went for a secretary workshop.. and now.. I'm not going to talk about the workshop..
but I wanna talk about me eating NASI !! It looks like I 'sudah langgar pantang maaa...sudah langgar itu syarat2 99HTN' But, before the workshop.. I'm already asked kak Zel what is the consequences if I’m eating rice..

Here it goes the conversation..
I’ve sent my pic to kak Zel by email..
Then I tell her that I’m going for a workshop for 3 days..

“ok nsudah diterima... g kursus byk dugaan wooo...” – kak Zel

“haha.. tau x pe...sedap2..kalau makan nasik secara on da spot..terkeluar ek?” – me

“Tak.. tp kena tepek gambar nasi itu kat blog Kalau LWP nnt tinggi.. tp ada makan nasi smpi 10 kali.. Mgkn kita kasi org yg ke-2 tertinggi tp tak makan nasi lansung yg menang.. So baru lah adilkan.. Nama pun join 99 hari tanpa nasi” – kak Zel

So.. now it means that I’m still qualified in 99 HTN rite?
But.. I’m maybe going for the orientation of new staff early in December..
And I’m starting to think.. should I continue 99HTN?
Menu on day 5:
- Bihun Sup, Wafer, H2O (I think there’s more..but I don’t remember)

Menu on day 6:
- Roti John, Nasi+Lauk, Biskut and H2O

Menu on day 7:
- Honey Star, Mee, Nasi+Lauk, Kuih muih, BBQ (ayam,daging,sate, etc.), H2O

Menu on day 8:
- Honey Star, Nasi Lemak, Kuih muih, Nasi+Lauk, Kacang, Aiskrim, H2O

Menu on day 9:
- Mee goreng, Bihun goreng, Keropok ikan, H2O

~ I don’t have the picture of Nasi I’ve ate..sorry
~ I’ll write about the workshop..soon


if do you wanna say something...just wrote it down guys...

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