Tuesday, November 3, 2009

I Knew It's Him !

I knew it’s him !

This is when I’m in Form 3..We’re busy switching our classes for the English’s subject…
I sat in front of Syafiq and Zamri from class 3 Arif besides Rozilawati (same class with me 3 Ali) [wonder if they still remember me or not (-.-) ]..

Then, Syafiq asked me something that I just can’t answer..or maybe I don’t know how to answer that question.

Syafiq : Daya ! Ko suke at ***** ek?
Me : ……….. *silent
Syafiq : Weh ! Aku tanyer ko ni..
Me : kenapa ko cakap macam tu?
Syafiq : Aku tau lah…cara ko tengok die pun aku tau..
Me : ……..*blushing

Well, its 6 years ago.. and TRUE ! I do like him.. ;P

6 years has gone.. and after 5 years lost contact..and I almost slipped him from my mind…
Today, on 10.40 am (Tuesday, 3 November 2009)… I met him again !

It’s when me and my colleagues were having our breakfast at Durian Tunggal. Then, there is one guy with his mom get into the stall.

When I first saw him, I knew it ! It’s him ! Suddenly I feel full.

When me and my colleagues paying for our meals.. I’m trying to greet him.. but, unfortunately..
I don’t have courage to talk to him. I’m ashamed.

But now, when I’m wrote this entry… I’m full of regret for not greeting him… haiyoo !

~ I wish that he still remembered me ;)


  1. alaa...nape ko xtegur dak tu...
    aku yg baca pon turut terasa kekesalan dihati ko...

  2. Alahai...so sweet...macam kisah dlm cerpen plak...

    Tegur lah...kalau tak..nanti kau akan menyesal hihihi...

  3. haha...dah menyesal dah pung.. ;(

  4. buddy apasal ko tak tegur??
    alah sayang la..

  5. uwaaaa.....
    kalau boleh hari2 nak g kat warong tu... tp..
    x mungkin dia ada kan?? kan??



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