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Madagascar & Far Far Away - USS Part 2

Oh.. hai my fellow readers..hehe
Long time no see..
I guess I'm too busy with my works and my studies that I negleted my blog uncoincidently. 
Well, my boss is on leave until next week, so I better continue my stories then.
First, after we arrived, my family went to the counter ticket to buy us tickets while I'm busy taking numerous not-so-good photos. The price for one adults is $74.. So, we spend $370 just for the tickets.  Thank God it's my dad's treat.  hehe.  If I converted it to Ringgit Malaysia, it will be around RM170++ I guess. 
I'll think more than twice if I were to use my money.  =P  
The prove... =)
Ok.. I don't want to explain further.. just enjoy the photos ok. 
One of the signage..
This one, I take it from afar...
If do you want to take a picture with them.. you have to pay.. I don't want to.. 
Actually, we weren't care to take the picture..
I guess, I'm adult now..hahaha
This is the entrance for the boat ride.. The staff were helpful. =)
The boat.
Actually, to be honest.  This ride is not that fun.  At first, when we entered the cave, I was shocked and impressed because of the falling boxes. 
My first impression was like..."Wah, this is gonna be fun!"  but then, it turn out to be kinda....boring, I guess? 
Maybe my expectation was high.. I don't know. 
It's just my personal thought though.  Yours may be different.
But then, I'm still excited to try other games...  So, we move forward to the Far Far Away section.  We went to the ogre house on our way to the castle..  I guess now I know how big the Shrek is.  hehe.

the ogre house.
I'm trying to pull the door after knocked... and it's locked.  I guess there's nothing inside.  It will be a great or a horror experience if the Shrek suddenly appear after I knocked the door..hehe.
It's big...

The castle...

This was taken inside the castle..  Ah, I'm excited.. hehe
Inside the castle, we first have to queue... (every game we have to queue though... this is what we have to accept if we buy the common ticket.. I envious to those who have the VIP tickets.. they don't have to queue.. hehe ) 
Then, after a while, the staff asked us to enter the room.. They open all the gate though which made me quite unsatisfied.. there's no point of queueing, if the person who come late can enter at the same time with us.. well, it's not really a big deal to be concern with.  We were all gather in the room and there are story teller who tell us the story of the journey. 
After the story telling thing, we all have to move to the other room which looks like a cinema.  I'm excited... I'm gonna have fun.. Yeah !  But.....  the thougt last for only a moment.. we are given the 3D spectacles for us to experience the journey together with the shrek. 
It's maybe only me and my brother who didn't feel excited and amazed.  The story was good.  The journey was good.  It's just that I'm wearing a 3D spec that makes me dizzy because of the effect of 3D is not really appear.. or maybe it's too small for me who's wearing spectacles.  I don't know.  I'm dissapointed. Plus, the whoever girl who sit besides me laughing so hard and kinda exaggerated, makes me frustrated. The 4D Magix are way better than this. 
I guess I'm expecting too much.  After experiencing the two places, I guess that I'm no longer expecting things.  Just go with the flow. That's what I'm thinking.
We then decide to take a rest at the restaurans in front of the castle.  While my family were having their light brunch, me and my sister in law decided to ride the rollercoaster.. I mean a mini rollercoaster which located besides the restorans, in front of the castle.
I don't have a picture while I was there because we were not supposed to bring anything while we're on the ride.  It was sooo much fun.  The roller coaster.  It's fun and exciting!  The only things that I aggrieved is it was too flash.  When I just felt the fun, it's over. 
When I'm not expecting anything, it was fun.  When I'm expecting, it's no fun.  But, it can't be help.. I'm starting to have the expectation again after the roller coaster's ride.  Hehe.
It's a tiring day.  I then decided to fill my hunger and take a few photos while I'm eating.

the potion shop... We didn't enter this.  So, I don't know what's inside.

 This is the restaurans that I mentioned earlier.

This is my brunch. =)

There's a donkey show.  We didn't have the chance to see the show.  =(

The castle..
Can you see the sky? It's going to rain.. (-_-")


On the way to Jurassic Park..

That was all for Madagascar & Far Far Away.. I thought, I just want to share only photos..but I end up wrote about it in the end. =)
Have fun...

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