Monday, November 19, 2012

Morning everybody! 
It's raining heavily outside.. well, its monsoon season, what do we expect? 
Of course it'll always raining..right?  =)
Has anybody go to Universal Studio Singapore (USS)?  Yes? No?
Well, to anybody who's not yet went to Universal Studio Singapore, do put it in your list as a MUST GO place when you're visiting Singapore. 
For those who're already been there, you know why did I said that..don't you? hehe.
I went to USS last month with my family.  There's few family's matters that needs to be settle at Singapore, so we went there on Saturday and get back home on Tuesday and we actually went to USS on Sunday.
First of all, I'm a bit worried for not getting tickets to enter USS beforehand.  There're lots of rumours said that you have to buy it online because it usually sold out fast on weekend.  There's also rumours that said their ticketing booth always close early because of their fast selling tickets. 
And because of that, we start our journey around 8.00 am in the morning and these photos were taken along the way to Sentosa Island.  

It's a beautiful morning.. don't you agree?  =)
We also past the Singapore's landmark ;
Singapore Flyer and Marina Sands Skypark (If I'm not mistaken its name) 
This is where we parked our car.  This mall is not yet open when we arrived..hehe
This is the view outside the Vivo City facing the Sentosa Island.
and of course.. a posing time.. 
(because of the sky is too bright..we have to use the flash..but it turn out that only my face was brighter..hahaha)
Sentosa Boardwalk..
There're few options to go to Sentosa Island.. either you go there with public transports such as taxi, buses and train or you can go there by Cable Car.  For those who love to keep a healthy lifestyle, I recommend you to walk all the way at Sentosa Boardwalk. 

Sentosa Boardwalk are 700 meters long from Vivo City to Sentosa Island.  The scenery was amazing.. if you don't want to be sweat in the morning, don't use this track..just use the train instead.   

There are 5 pairs of two-way travellators if you don't want to walk that much.  To be honest, I also didn't like to walk that much but because of I've been there early in the morning, the travellators are not yet moving.  It's frustrating. (-_-")

This is one of the travellators..
It's only halfway...
Ah.. If you're tired..just stop and posed for the camera..haha
The stairs.. do I have to told you that..? *giggling*
Look..who's tired? 
Finally.... we arrived.. fuhh..
The entrance fee to the island is only $1 dolar... So cheap isn't it? hehe.. 
Now.. we only have to find the counter ticket for USS.  We have to walk about 200 or 300 meters more (I think..) before we arrived at the entrance of USS.  It's a longggg journey early in the morning.  We took about half an hour from Vivo City to Sentosa Island by walk.  
It's still close when we arrived.  (-_-")
This is part 1... I'll updated about the USS in the next entry..  See ya !
p/s : The good thing when the boss is not around is I can update my blog..hahaha


  1. Syok jln2 sakan kan..bila nak g spore lagi ni...

    1. Jom ar.. pi sama2 baru seronok..hahaha

  2. bestnya.. teringin nak g singapore.. bangunan, seni bina cantik2..

    1. Jom lily.. aku bawak ko jengjalan kat sana.. sedia duit je..haha


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