Wednesday, October 24, 2012


Hi ! Salam uolls ! Morning. =)


This is my first time using the word 'uolls'.  It's short but it has the same meaning as 'you all'.  I guess blogger nowadays love to use a simple yet short words to write their blogs.  My friend used it a lot too.  Well, as long as it is still can be understood, why not? Right?


I better not to use it.  I am someone who is easily influenced.  Besides, I don't really like the short form words.  I guess, this explain why did I fail the dictation test last year and early this year.  *sigh* I better not to share about this.  My heart ache (T_T).

go straight to the thankful part.

I read my friend's blog just now.  She is kind of sad for not yet having a baby and she share a story about how she met a baby who has an ignorant mom but yet a loving dad.  I want to share my comment on her blog, but the speed of the internet in the office is killing me.  It is too slow to even preview my own blog.  *sigh*  too much sigh is not good for the body and the mind..but I can not help it. (-_-")

Well, it is common for someone who got married wanted to have a baby or babies.  And, it is common for someone who is not yet married want to get married.  *shy* *shy* eh.. eh.. tetibe.  hahaha  =P 

As I aged, I met a few or maybe a group of people who's married and didn't have children.  It's not that they don't want childrens, it's just that they haven't yet get one.  I might not understand exactly how they feels,  but sometimes, things will not be according to our wish.  It's all happen according to the God's wish.

I'll continuously pray for them and also for my own mate. hehe.  I believe, Allah S.W.T is hearing my pray.  It's just a matter of time when will Allah S.W.T. granted my wish and all your wish. 

We should hope for the best and live the fullest !  To my friend (in case you read this).. be tough.  Maybe, it's not the time for you yet and please... don't give up.  And.. don't mope.  It's not good for the body.

I've so many to thank to my Creator.

Thanks for giving me a chance to live another day.
Thanks for giving me a  job.
Thanks for giving me the Ranformers.
Thanks for all the food, the air, the water that I used until this moment.
Thanks for giving me a chance to take care of my late mother.
Thanks for still giving me a chance to look after my family.
Thanks for letting me continue my studies.
Thanks for letting me have a good friends.
Thanks for letting me be your guest for umrah.
Thanks for giving us health.
Thanks for letting me live in a comfortable life.
Thanks for everything. 

Thank you Allah S.W.T.

p/s : We should always be thankful.. because somewhere, there are always someone who's not that fortunate as we are. 

Last but not least.  Thank you everyone.


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