Monday, October 22, 2012

Not Feeling So Well ~

Hi everybody.. it's been a while..

Tonight I don't seems to feel so well.. my heart and my body..  they don't work well together.. the body are not listening to the heart... the heart hurt and it affect the body..  In other words.. I don't feels good.

Today, I've a class.  Instructional Technology System.  Just as I say in the previous post, this class is about using technology as a method in teaching and learning.  So, we got our assignment for our presentation.  We're divided into 7 groups and every groups has to do a presentation using different kind of method such as filming, traditional, demonstration, outdoor and others.

My groups have to do a demonstration.  We ourselves decided on what topic we wanted to do.  What demo should be done etc.  There are 4 person in my team.  3 of us are girls and works as office secretary and there is one man in our group. 

They then decide to do a appearance class or to be exact is a grooming class.  When I first heard it, I got a minor heart attack.  What!??? Seriously???  I took a few second to calm myself down.

Well, as a secretary, my teammates are carrying the title of secretary so well.  They dressed well, speak well, beautiful and their personalities too are brave and elegant.  Me?  I'm not doing so good in appearance and in personalities too. (-_-") 

I just wear what I feel comfortable and I only wear my favourite clothes.  I just wear whatever I want whenever I feel like it.  When they say they want to do grooming.  I was thinking.. 'I'm in a big trouble!'.. 'What should I do?'.. 'What should I proposed to them for not doing that?'  Too many thought in my mind during that time.

I tried to ask the lecturer in case he has other ideas that can make me convince my teammates to change the topic, but because of my teammates was persisted to have that topic.  I'm lost.

and..also because of I don't really have any idea on what to suggest.. I admitted defeated.  Along all the way home from KL, I was thinking to firstly, start learning about the appearance.  Find any video that teach how to do a make up, how to style the hijab, what is casual attire, how to mix and match the clothes.  Everything....

But now, when I'm in front of my laptop..I don't know where to start.  The only make up that I know is to put on moisturizer, then put a little bit BB Cream and then cover it with loose powder and lastly putting lipstick... done!  That is exactly what I do everyday. 

I don't really like to put on blusher, eyeshadow, etc etc etc...  It's kinda burdensome I think?  Besides, it takes a long time to get ready and because I don't know much about make up. 

Oh! but I did wore the eyeliner when I have the mood once in a while.  It will be a different story though if I'm not the one who did the make up.  I mean, if there's someone who can do the make up for me, I'm willing to let them do it.. example.. on my wedding's day someday.. hehe.

Things that happened have a reason..  I believe, if I think positively, things will also be positive.  Maybe this is the time for me to start take care of my appearance.  This presentation might be a simple start.  Don't you think? I would like to think like that. hehe

Sometimes, simple beginning can lead to bigger ending. Right? Who knows after this I'll be someone who's fashionable. pfft!! phuahahahaha... =P... Life is short, so lets enjoy ourselves and try new things such as make up as a start.  hehe.  

Now, I've sit in front of my laptop for 5 hours already but yet to search anything about appearance.  I should start it tomorrow and now I'm gonna off and blend myself in music because it's 12 am already.

Good night fellows.. Have a nice dreams...

p/s : bila baca balik dari mula sampai habis, macam tunggang terbalik entri ni.. nasib lah.. malas aku nak pikir lagi.. =P

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