Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Super Junior 5th Anniversary !

It’s been a long time since I spend my money on singer’s album. The last album that I’ve bought was Celebrity by NSYNC in year 2002. Wow! It’s almost a decade right? I wonder where I spent the money for the last 8 years. Not in my bank account of course..hurmmm ~ T_T

One thing that you should know is that I’ll purchase the album only if I’m a fans. Back then, I was NSYNC and WESTLIFE’s fans so I purchased most of their album and I still have their cassettes (there are few missing T_T).

Here we go ~ Now, I’m Super Junior’s fans. I bet all of you know who is Super Junior right? If you don’t know, just simply click here.

At first, I know that there is a singer group called Super Junior but I’m not interested at all to listen to their music or what so ever. Few months ago, I started to watch Korean drama which I accidently bought it from the internet. To keep it short, I’m now addicted to Korean drama and their variety show. There’s lots of variety show that I followed such as Strong Heart, Star King, Happy Together and many more.

I first saw Super Junior member’s Leeteuk and Eunhyuk on Star King and Strong Heart. They’re hilarious. That’s how I found Super Junior. When I first heard their song ‘Miinah’, I was like “It’s just average though”. There are also lots of articles who claimed that Super Junior is a hallyu star. Wow! That’s big. Then I started to dig their old song, which lead me to ‘Sorry Sorry’. My reaction? “Oh?! It’s them who sing this song”. Haha.

So I dig in deeper to know their old stories, variety show, songs and what so ever. That’s how I started to fall in love with Super Junior. When they released their ‘No Other’ video clip, my cousin said that they’re too feminine just like a girl. She said that only Siwon who looks more manly. Ah~ might be because Siwon is a handsome man, right?

Well, it’s just their opinion, everybody have their own opinion. So do I. It’s not the end; somebody came to me and said that Super Junior is gay. I stand for them and said that they’re not; they might have mistaken Super Junior because of their mini drama. For those who are Super Junior’s fans know better than that, so it’s not offensive for me. That’s when I realized that I’m so into them. (^_^)

Super Junior has gone through lots of hardship and I’m a bit regretful towards Hangeng’s case. He’s such a nice guy and I adore him for being able to fit well in Super Junior. Even though he’s now active with solo activities, I’ll still be his fans because he’s one of Super Junior’s members. It’s just that I have to learn Chinese because I want to watch his drama ‘Stage of Youth’ until it’s finished. I watched it half way because there no subtitle. It’s hard when you’ve to watch a drama without being able to understand it. Poor me. T__T

I love each and every one of them. They’re all have their own strength and abilities. If you know Super Junior, you must know about their subgroups right? Super Junior KRY, Super Junior M, Super Junior T and Super Junior H. Among these 4 subgroups, I’ll choose Super Junior T as my favorite. ‘T’ stands for Trot and I love trot music (^_^).

On 6th November 2010, Super Junior has celebrated their 5th year anniversary. I’m not one of E.L.F, but I’m their fans or can I just assume that I’m an E.L.F? Hahaha. It doesn’t matter if I’m an E.L.F or not because I’m supporting them by purchasing their music. I now have two of Super Junior 4th album, version A and version C and Super Show 1 DVD. Right now, I’m waiting for Super Show 2 DVD to be sent to my house. (^_^).

Congratulations for Super Junior 5th year anniversary!!!!! It was late, but better late than never, right? (^_~)

Super Junior’s top 3 songs (for me):
1. In My Dream
2. Sorry Sorry
3. It’s you

I Love Super Junior !



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