Thursday, June 27, 2013

The Ancient Egypt - USS Part 5

Welcome to The Ancient Egypt!
I love their roller coaster... Oo yeah!
I don't really have things to say.. hmm... *thinking*


I don't know what's inside... souvenir?
We don't have much time.. the clock is ticking.. *tik tok tik tok*
The entrance for the backward roller coaster...
Revenge of The Mummy : The Ride *grin*
Their indoor roller coaster is sooo much fun ! Very thrilled. My big brother, my sister in law and me decided to ride the roller coaster.. Well, my brother are forced to ride..hahaha 
My dad and my lil bro decided to sit at the outside of the restaurant because both of them are not feeling well.  So, we leave our things to my lil bro and entered the building. 
The building is soo big and there are lines everywhere.  We have to follow the lines and climb up stairs for us to be able to ride the roller coaster.  This is my first time riding a roller coaster that going forward and backward.  I was excited!  Really excited.  It was so much fun, thrilled, scary and very dark inside.  I wanted to ride it again, but thinking that I have to queue again.. I give up. (-__-")

Thank god that the toilet was near.. hehe

The models...
I'm embarrassed.  Can't take a look at them properly because it was so embarrassing for me.  It's because they have to act cool at the time.. all the time hokay.. haha

Treasure Hunter..
This ride was soooooooooo boring.  I regretted that I spend too much time queuing to ride this ride. Oh my.. I don't want to talk about this ride.. it makes me mad everytime I think about it.. huhu 

The scenery during the ride..

Oh.. another model. The handsome one.. hehe =)

The restaurant..  We only buy one set of Nasi Beriani and 5 bottles of vitamin water...

The guardian...
We then move to Transformers..

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