Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Hi.... Lets Meet the New ME..

Hi guys.  Longgg......... time no see.. hehe

I'm actually, accidently remember about this blog.  I'm completely forget that I've this blog that I used to look for it everyday.  I'm sorry to all my readers (heh.. bajet macam ramai readers =P) for hibernating this long.

Well, the last time I updated my blog was in December 2011 plus the entry-that-are-not-like-entry on the 1oth of this month.  I'm hardly updated it by phone and it keeps on error and error and error but then I realised that it's finally upload.. with the bla..bla..bla.. explanation. (O_o) huh!

For those who didn't know.  My mother has passed away on 16th of January 2012 (May she rest in peace : Al-Fatihah). The main illness that she had was a cancer - Hodgkin's Lymphoma but her last diagnosed illness that be the cause of death was a lung failure.  From Cancer to Spinal to Infection (MRSA) to Heart Attack to Lung Failure.  She really have a hard life during 9 months that she sick. 

After she passed away, honestly... my life turning upside down. 360 degree.  When she's fine and healthy, I've never learn how to manage the money and all the expenses.  Now, the fact that she's no longer with me.  I'm completely lost.  That's not the only problem.  The best thing is, I only earned RM300++ for my salary for last month.  I guess... I'm drowned.  Yesterday, I think for the first time since I'm working.. I only have RM 7.10 in my wallet plus there's only 2 remaining bar for my car petrol.  I choked.

Luckily, Allah is still here with me..with my family.. I survived.. with my mom's money.  Now I can't wait for tomorrow. It's a payday.  I want to payback my mother's money to be keep for upcoming event which is I don't know what will happened in the future.  We all don't know.  I will only hope for the best for me, the best for my family and the best for us all.

That is something and this one is something.

I rarely share my workplace stories right?  I don't even want to actually.  The purpose for writing this up is just for me to remember.  I'm kinda stress out lately, maybe because of my work and my personal things got mixed up. 

Last year, I take a leave for a month using my half-pay leave (this is the reason why I got RM 300++ for my pay) to accompany my mom at the hospital (this is the hardest time.. T_T).  Then, a week after my mom's death, I went back to the office.  My mind... ermmm, lets say that it was unstable at that time.  There are lots of work and it was double of pressure (maybe because, I'm not even ready to work).  To manage bosses's schedule, arrange transport, hotel, bla bla bla..bla bla bla... (Secretary's usual job...biasalah). 

I'm being transferred, alone in the office, patiently wait for my collegues to come back to work. It's soooo... rutined and stressed.  I want to go for a vacation.  First stage : Universal Studio, Singapore.  Second stage : Zoo.....  Third stage : Waterfall.  Forth Stage : Pangkor Island.  These are depends on my financial......... (-_-")

Whatever happens right now or in future, I hope that it will turn out well and be blessed by Allah.  Aamiin..



  1. dayah.. lama ko xupdate blog.. aku tertunggu2 jugak.. huhu... sabar ea.. setiap apa yg berlaku pasti ada hikmahnya.. dan setiap hikmah itu pasti ada ganjaran nya..

    pergilah cuti... buang semua masalah.. hilangkan stress.. balik semula bekerja dengan semangat baru ea..

    1. Lily, aku belum boleh cuti.. PA lagi sorang belum naik cuti bersalin.. T_T

    2. pulok doh.. huhuhu... xpe2.. t PA tu naik cuti je, ko teros apply cuti.. hehehe..

    3. memang perancangannye macam tu pun.. tapi biarlah dah seminggu 2 minggu baru aku apply cuti..hehe


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