Thursday, May 26, 2011


When I have much time to do blog, I don't have the idea of what am I supposed to talk about in here.  Keep on searching the idea to update my blog, but it's just a waste of time.  Should I talk about fact? or something leisure? or something that you have to think? 


  1. idea jgn paksa2... ada masa dia datang sendirik

  2. satu masaalah bila blogger terasa terpaksa update,
    n bila perasaan tu datang,
    mula la keluar post yg merepek.

    we dont want that.
    or else we'll be just the same as those yang blogging untuk wit. yes, they're making money.
    but they're not making any sense.

  3. aimi, itulah..bila time tak de masa selalu je rasa banyak topik nak bincang..bila time ada masa, time tu la idea tak keluar..

    abg pocket, I'll take note. thanks


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