Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Zaman Sekolah ~

Still remembered teng-teng? Batu seremban? Ceper? Galah panjang? Konda-kondi? Lawan Pemadam? Cop tiang? Zero Point? Congkak? Baling selipar? Enjit-enjit Semut? Bingo?

These game were my favorite games when I was in primary school except Konda-kondi and Galah Panjang. It is because of I don’t understand how to play those game and I never want to try those game. [don’t ask me why]

I use to play this game a long time ago with my friends. We use to draw the line on the floor by using our class’s chalk or else we use small branch to draw it on the ground. Sometimes we use small rock or an eraser to play this game. For me, this was a fun n sweaty game.

Batu Seremban
I use to have my own batu seremban sewn by my grandma. I put sand or rice in it. This game is the most favorite game besides ceper. We were often playing this game whenever teacher was not in or late.

What is ceper? Some people call it as ‘penutup botol’ game. This game needs skill while we flick to the target. I just played this game with my cousin few months ago and it proved that I’m still a great player. Hehe.

Lawan Pemadam
Eraser opponent? Haha. I don’t really know if that words are true or not. Hantam sajalah labu ! haha. When I was in the primary school I use to have lots of eraser. It’s all because of this game. You know what, my eraser always been looted by my teacher and my friends. There was a lots of looter.. huh !

Cop tiang
Hah ! I love this game. Me and my friend use to play it at ‘susur gajah’ to canteen beside a classroom I think [forgot what was that room actually]. We played this game only during the rest time.

This game also known as rubber band game. We have to tie the rubber band until it is long enough for us to play with. This game haves the limit of height and the way we jump and also we need skills and light body [I’m opposite..huhu].

Only this game I think ‘tidak luput ditelan zaman’. Why am I says that? It is because of I just played it 3 days ago with my cousin. Haha.

Baling Selipar? Bingo? Enjit-enjit semut?
I’m not going to write about all this game because I’m tired and I’m too lazy to elaborate these 3 games. Done !

~ well…. I think this entry is too scattered and it reminds me of my Mr. Lim.
~ I think I should register in UTeM’s English Class.

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  1. rindunye ngn pmainan2 tu sume...

  2. aku pun... tu yang tetibe buat entri tu..haha


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