Friday, October 16, 2009


Since I wrote about Sub-Zero yesterday,
now I wanna share with u what was my “crazy”ness when I was in the primary school.

And u know what? Mortal combat is one of those games that I love to play with.

From ps1 to ps2. From Mortal Kombat to The King of Fighters. From 24 kg to ** kg [what da??]

My favorite character in Mortal Kombat is Sub-Zero and Scorpion.
I don’t know why I like these two characters.
Because of their power? Or because of their costume…like ninja’s??
well I don’t really have the answer. I just love them both.

Then it goes to The King of Fighters game. In this games I LOVE Terry Bogard.
Do you wanna know why?
Well….. it is because he’s soooo handsome eventhough he’s just a character in the game. [do vomit please ! ahaks]

Terry Bogard is always be the man of my dream.
He can always protect me in no matter what situation with his power.
But it was longgg time ago.. when I was just a kid that love to cloud 9 about the future..haha

I’m so pathetic. [pity me… ;P]

Well, I know that I’m not the only kid that loves to cloud 9 to be with the characters I love. I’m sure everybody is just the same [perhaps..SOMEbody..hehe] am I right??

~ x payah tipu la wey ! haha
~ it was a bit fun to actually wrote in English [ for me la.. ]
~ thanx to cheryna for ur comment.. practice makes perfect ;D

~ I use to love Edge in WWF…haha ~


  1. buddy kenapa tukar url tak bgtau??
    aku ingat ko dh tutup blog??

  2. sorry la honey..
    ko rase patut stay url lame ke url baru?

  3. aku rasa url skunk nie lgik best la..
    yes duniaaboi...
    tp terpulang pada ko la..
    pasai aku nk tutup blog tue sbb aku malas nk hapdet..drik tak berhapdet bek aku tutup kan??

  4. ok la kalau camtu..
    aku stay gune url ni je..

    ikut ko lah. kalau ko rase x nak update lagi..tutup aje lah..
    aku penah terpk jugak dulu. tp x jadi..hehe


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