Monday, November 24, 2008


today i've learn somethin' from my officemate..
how to save money 4 our future..its a long-term plan..
im quite impressive on how they manage their financing..
saham? erm..i don think so...
im not ready 4 dos things...i've to learn more about how to manage my financing..if not...
bye2 lah..huhu

talkin' 'bout finance..don u think that its quite hard to balance our financing..
it seems like it never enough 4 us to live with what we have now..
now im all alone...1k is just 4 me...only me..but it seems like its still not enough..
just imagine how am i going to live with 1k after im getting it enough? after 2 years..with the kids...? ohh...i cant imagine how am i going to look like when it happens..

huh..i do wanna think 'bout that tonight..writing this blog makes me feel released..
gtg..its late now...

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